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The Renttool has a public section for the customer and a protected administrative section for you, the person letting.


  • With this plugin the customer immediately sees when the accommodation is available.
  • When the customer drags the mouse over the chart, available dates will be highlighted.
  • One click on these dates will reveal booking form.
  • Selected start/end dates are supplied.
  • Selected dates in orange are reserved but not guaranteed.
  • The renter will get a message that confirmation of the booking will be received shortly.

The person letting

  • You, as the owner of the plugin, will receive the booking by e-mail, which can be processed in the administration programme.
  • You can now indicate that you agree and turn the reservation into a definite booking.
  • Bookings will immediately appear red on date chart and will be blocked from further bookings.
  • You have access to this information 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • You receive a unique code and password so no one can see this personal data.


  • If you decide to acquire this tool, all you have to do is make a link to the plugin from your website.
  • We will give you a 2 line code that can be placed at the link.
  • When the customer clicks this link (e.g. "Availability"), he will get access to the chart that was adjusted by you. In fact this page and the accompanying database are on our server.
  • We maintain this server but we have no access to your personal data because we do not know your password.
  • If you lose your password you have to apply for a new password.